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Campaign Against Ch‎ild Labour

Programs & Our Achievements

Prevention and withdrawal of children from child labour through community empowerment in Kilifi Central Location, Tezo area.   
SCOPE was among the selected few organisations to carry out this project which was conducted in only three counties nationally namely Busia, Kilifi and Kitui on the eradication of child labour due to its outstanding work on civic education and dealing with human rights.
Scope thereby chose the Kilifi Central Location and zoned in on Tezo area where prevalence of child labour was quite high. The program started in 1 st July 2011 and ended on the 13 th of August 2013.

Scope of work

With a higher prevalence on these cases, Tezo was selected as the target area with a focus to 90 families and 5 primary schools namely Zowerani, Soyosoyo, Ngala, Tezo and Bahari.


  • To contribute to the elimination of child labour in Kilifi Central Location and lay foundations towards establishing a child labour free zone in the location.

  • By the end of the project period, Families, Teachers, Children, key stakeholders and the general community within Kilifi Central Location will be well-empowered and sensitized on issues of children’s rights and responsibilities with emphasis on child labour and the capacity of both the DCLC and the LCLCs strengthened.

Our Approaches

  • Prevention, Removal, Rehabilitation, Integration (PRRI)

  • Community Awareness and Sensitization Approach (CASA)

  • Child Participatory Approach (CPA)  

  • Income Generating Activities (IGA)  

Formation and training of 5 local child labour committees; (77 committees were trained)
 Formation of 5 child rights/SMART clubs in 5 selected schools; (100 children were recruited)
 Training of 10 teachers in SCREAM (Support of Child Rights though Education, Arts and Media);
 Awareness creation at the community level;(an outreach was held, we also attend parents meetings/ closing ceremonies for schools, child labour billboards mounted within target areas, conducted air live  talk shows, distributed IEC materials "pingaajirayawatoto" during trainings)
 Strengthen Child Labour networks, Partnerships and enhance their capacity;
 Identification, Removal, Rehabilitation and Integration of children engaged in child labour identified 30 girls for CSEC)
 Prevention of children at risk of dropping out of school and engaging into child labour; (identified 190 boys & 148 girls for removal, 206 boys & 121 girls for prevention, all supported with sch. Levies and uniform)
 Withdrawal, Removal, Reintegration and Protection of children mostly girls from worst form of child labour.WFCL; (identified 40 children for protection)
 Socio – economic support for 90 families; (trained on business skills)
 Staff sensitization and training on child labour monitoring and 10 volunteer peer educators trained on child labour issues and direct beneficiary monitoring and reporting DBMR.
 Trained 80 children on group skills training (43 girls & 37 boys)
 Use of media to highlight our plight:-
An exclusive coverage from KTN’s Perspective with Mashirima Kapombe was done on our girls focussing on apprenticeship and vocational trainings.
Bahari FM’s host of the morning show, George Biff Mkuzi, carried out an exclusive interview with Mr Paul Mwandikwa, the local ILO/IPEC Coordinator, on the World Day against Child Labour (WDACL)

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